Free Motion Friday – Peggy’s Quilt

Happy Friday! You thought you’d lost me when I didn’t post last friday didn’t you? I was at the Central Alberta Quilters Guild show, and the week leading up to it getting ready to vend was crazy, so no blog posts. We’re back this week with Peggy’s Fancy Forest quilt though!

Today we’re playing with Peggy’s Fancy Forest Quilt.

So, honest answer here… if this was my quilt, I’d probably end up just doing an all over design on it. That’s what we did with ours at work.  There is so much happening with the piecing, and it is so cute, the quilting doesn’t have a lot of room to shine, so we decided to get our done a bit quicker, and not spend the time doing custom quilting.

However, custom is more fun, so let’s do this!

I started with the owl. I did some straight lines in the head and wings, some clamshells in the body, and a swirl in his eyes.

I put leaves in the thistle leaves, and some squiggles in the thistle flower.

Ribbon candy for hedgehog spikes, straight lines in the legs, and a fill for the face of both the hedgehog and the fox.

Some various straight lines in the wings of the butterfly.

Bascially, I wanted fairly simple designs, but used to enhance the piecing.

Now the background…

This is one of my favourite things to do in applique or irregularly pieced quilting — basically I make a “shape” in the background — this time I drew a diamond — and then I’m going to quilt one design in the diamond, and a different thing outside the diamond.

Here it is in action on this Potpourri quilt.

That’s it for me!

Later days,

PS: Free Motion Friday is made possible by my day job, so check it out:




5 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Peggy’s Quilt

  1. Kathleen, Thank you for these ideas I am sure there are many of us very greatful for your time and input. Jan

  2. Love your idea about the diamond. I have one question: if you were to stich in the ditch other elements of the quilt, will you mark the diamond shape before of after the ditching ?

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