Diary of A Young Swirl!

Diary of a Young Swirl

Peeps, I have a book! Or well, more of a booklet! Woot Woot! It’s some exciting stuff. Its 20 pages, all about swirls.

Kathleen walks you through 8 variations on her favourite design, the swirl. Learn this one design so well that it comes second nature to you– then change it just enough to make it look different, without having to learn a whole new design! Kathleen helps you avoid common mistakes as well as how to use the designs in different area’s of your quilt. Your friends will all be amazed at how great your quilting is!

I’m pretty excited about it! You can order it through Blurb HERE. If you are in Canada, save on shipping by ordering it from Quilting From The Heart HERE!

Those subscribed to my Patreon page already got this content as part of their subscription! Sign up now to get the pages as I work on my next book/booklet, all about using markings and rulers to make awesome quilt designs! Check it out HERE!

Later days!


6 responses to “Diary of A Young Swirl!

  1. Kathleen, I live in France, so shipping is expensive for me. Is there any way to purchase a PDF copy?

    • Hi Jill! At this point there is no option for a PDF copy, as these were offered through my Patreon page (you can check this out at patreon.com/kathleenquilts). I plan to release a PDF version for non-patreons in the next year.

  2. Hey Kathleen, can you cancel my patreon account, I am having trouble with it. I will just buy your spirals book! thanks for all you do!!

    Karlee Sandell


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