Sue & Brett’s Nightshade Quilt

Last week I got to work on this quilt for Sue & Brett.


Seriously. This quilt was fun to quilt — I got to play with feathers & swirls & straight lines, which are all my favourite things 😀 Plus, spider webs.


Sue requested that spider webs with her name me in the quilt… I usually don’t let my clients make requests (I’m mean that way) but this one was fun, so I made an exception 😀

IMG_2086PLUS, Brett lives in Edmonton, so that was 2 local quilts I got to quilt in a row. It was very exciting.


They provided this nightshade backing for the quilt… I had a really hard time using it for backing… I wanted to quilt it as the front so bad…  if you have one of these panels lying around and want me to quilt it for you, I’m totally in. Just sayin’

I’ve got a small announcement coming Monday (tomorrow), so stay tuned for that!

Later days!


7 responses to “Sue & Brett’s Nightshade Quilt

  1. Your quilting is always so striking! You do it superbly! I always appreciate the dimension I see in the quilting. Is that from your excellent photography? Or due to the loft of a particular batting?

  2. Kathleen I am so Honored that Brett pieced my quilt and you provided your Amazing long arm talent. Thank You again for incorporating my name into the web 🕸 I can’t wait to get it!!!

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