Diana’s Tula’s Bloomers

This week I was working on Diana’s quilt.

How awesome are the colours in this?

I had fun turning stars into flowers on this one! With all the prints I didn’t want anything TOO dense as it would have looked weird with the prints.

I did do two colours a bit different than the flowers I had been doing, just to change it up a bit.

More colours…

And another picture of the quilt.

I’ve got some openings in my quilting calendar, so if you’d like to have me quilt for you, send me an email at kathleen@kathleenquilts.com

Later days!



7 responses to “Diana’s Tula’s Bloomers

  1. Oh my goodness, this is showstoppingly beautiful!! Did she EPP this, or is it traditionally pieced? It’s just gorgeous! Your quilting suits it perfectly! I would love to know your quilting path for this!!

  2. Oh my! That is one beautiful quilt! I like your quilting decision. Too much quilting makes a quilt heavy, and reduces the insulating power of the looser batting. This quilt will be wonderful to sleep under. I love matchstick and dense quilting for it’s looks, but more quilting makes it much less snuggly! Great work!

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