Jasmine’s Brassica Quilt

Seriously, how great is this quilt? I had so much fun quilting this.

I quilted the latin name for purple cabbage into the top corner of the quilt — I did a tutorial for how I managed to quilt these letters over on my Patreon page, so head over there to find out all about it. 

The applique on here was all done by hand, and just amazing.

I really wanted the applique to “pop” off the background, which lead me to quilt the background incredibly densely – those lines are 1/8″ or less apart. Only for Jasmine would I ever quilt this densely. Even for myself I don’t think I’d do it.

Another shot of the letters 😀 I was just soooo happy with how they turned out. I’ve got plans for more letters on the quilt I’m loading tonight!

The back was pure white, which ended up looking super cool once the quilting was completed.

I was so happy with this quilt! Yay!

Later days!



5 responses to “Jasmine’s Brassica Quilt

  1. Wonderfully executed. I love the way the quilting has been done on the leaves too – reflects the way the leaves grow entwined inside.

  2. This is amazing! I love the applique and the quilting is just incredible. It takes it to a whole new level. The words on the quilt look wonderful, I would love to be that skilful!

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