Me and Rocky!

Writing bio’s are the worst. It is much easier to have someone else write it. But sadly, I have no one to write it for me.

My name is Kathleen. I love to sew. Those are basically the things to know about me. After that things get less important. I’ve sewed for as long as I can remember. My mom would put the foot pedal up on a box so my short little legs could reach it. I used my mom’s sewing machine so much that when I got a bib for my doll with some decorative stitches from Santa, I was really really excited because MY MOM had the same sewing machine as Santa.

My parent’s opened Quilting From The Heart when I was 11. I worked there through high school, and quilted like crazy. While others my age were out doing… whatever it is that teenagers do… I was at the store sewing away, or, alternatively  at home sewing away. I went to the University of Alberta, where I received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

A year after graduating I moved to England, where I worked at Quilters Haven, in Suffolk. Rocky and I travelled all over Great Britain and Europe. After returning to Canada, I became the manager at The Sewing Center, a fabric store and sewing machine dealership. My parents now own The Sewing Center, while I manage the upstairs, and Rocky fixes sewing machines in the basement.

I started free motion quilting when I was 14, and long arming at 24. I got my first long arm a year later. In April 2015 I began a sponsorship with APQS Canada & Sparrow Studioz during which I have an APQS Lucey to use in my living room! I do all my quilting hand guided, as I do not have a computer on my longarm.

I love sewing, quilting, machine embroidery, and pretty much anything to do with a sewing machine. I will do almost anything to avoid doing anything by hand. When I’m not in front of my sewing machine, I can usually be found snowboarding, reading, or dreaming of what to sew next.



10 responses to “About

  1. I was looking for close up pics of Spring Bouquet. Yours is beautiful! SO different. I am loving everything I see on your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey! BTW–I have sewn all my life, quilted for 34 years and longarmed for 13 (computerized for the last 5 years). Love quilting and computers. Love anything quilting. I am 62 and also a full-time grandma–loving every minute of my life. From St. Louis

  2. Hi Kathleen
    I stumbled across your website this weekend thru pinterest and I am blown away. Your quilting is amazing, amazing!! I am also a long arm quilter and I live in Ontario. I love to do custom work, but am nowhere near the level that you are at –I enjoyed reading your words on custom quilting and getting paid what you are worth (that is the one thing that holds me back on custom quilting). I am not very tech savvy so I was wondering if you would share with your followers(maybe I have not gone back far enough in your blog) how you do your sketches of your quilting designs on the quilt top. At this moment I print pictures and draw on them–I have gone into the apple store and asked but have not had a satisfactory way yet. I would love to be able to do this myself or for my customers.
    Thankyou in advance and thank you for sharing your work. I have two children that live in Calgary –next time I am out your way I will stop in and meet you.

  3. A friend of mine shared a picture of your butterfly quilt on Facebook. I really like it and I have looked at your web site but can not find the pattern. Is it or will it be available? I would love to purchase it if/when it is available. You have a wonderful talent!! Please email information to the address below. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi, Kathleen — I love your blog, especially free motion Fridays! You have a great eye for design and it shines in your quilting. Question about batting: what batting do you use so that your quilts can be beautifully quilted and still comfy for snuggling? I’ve been free motion quilting for about two years and got an APQS Millie (yay!) this past April. The quilts I’ve quilted with all-cotton batting have turned out not as drape-y as I would like (okay, okay – I probably quilted them to death), but I know — or think, anyway — it’s got to be possible to quilt something beautifully and still have it be inviting to snuggle under. How have you solved this?

  5. A friend shared your blog with me. I saw your quilt of valor and how you decided what you would do to quilt it. Do you use a computer program or just print a picture and work from there? If you use a computer program, what do you use? It was really neat to see how you did that. Thanks for sharing.

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