Kathleen Quilts

Kathleen Quilts Academy

Online classes with the personal touches of in person classes! Learn with vidoes, handouts, quizzes, and personalized feedback. Learn everything Kathleen knows about quilting!

Video Lessons

Each class section includes both a video of me drawing the design, which allows me to go more in depth as to how to quilt the design, and a quilting video so you can see me actually stitching out the design! (Did I say design to many times there?)


Depending on the class, you might get a hard copy of one of my books, PDF copies of my books, or PDF handouts. Whatever handout you’re getting, it will be a great reference to go back to remember what you learned!


Don’t be scared by the word quiz… they are just there to help drive home the important bits of each design. Get immediate feedback if you get a bit confused as to how to quilt a design.

Personalized Feedback

There are so many opportunities to get feedback from me about your quilting! Share your drawings and stitch-outs with me, and I’ll point out what you are doing great, and what could use some work, so that we can make sure you get comfortable stitching out each design.