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Diary of a Young Swirl: 8 Swirl Variations for Awesome Quilting

Kathleen walks you through 8 variations on her favourite design, the swirl. Learn this one design so well that it comes second nature to you-- then change it just enough to make it look different, without having to learn a whole new design! Kathleen helps you avoid common mistakes as well as how to use the designs in different area’s of your quilt. Your friends will all be amazed at how great your quilting is!

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This Book Rules: Using Rulers and Marking for Stunning Quilting

Kathleen walks you through how to use rulers in your quilting, then shares 15 of her favourite ruler designs with you. Rulers are an easy way to make your quilting look professional, and Kathleen shares all her best tips and tricks for stunning looking quilting. Use the knowledge you gain from this book to stun everyone you know with your amazeballs quilting skillz.



I have a few patterns available through Craftsy. Click below to see them all!