Kathleen Quilts


What is Patreon? Patreon is a monthly subscription that lets you support your favourite artists and creators. Support me on a monthly basis, and I'll teach you everything I know about quilting. 

Design Handouts

Get bi-weekly design handouts that walk you step by step through some of my favourite quilting designs. Right now we are working on a feather series. Previous series included a swirls series and a ruler work series. At the end of each series the handouts are compiled into a book. Being a Patreon subscriber is the only way to get a digital copy of my books, as well as early access and bonus content!

Bonus Free Motion Friday

Free Motion Friday is a popular feature from my blog, where I take a photo sent in by a reader, and design the quilting for it. I walk you step by step through each step of the quilting, as well as try to explain some of my rational for suggesting the quilting I do. Patreon subscribers get bonus FMF posts, one every week that there isn't a design handout!

Video Content

On design weeks, I share a video going in depth to the design of the week, sharing tips for the design that might not have made it into the handout. In FMF weeks, I share different types of videos, about what I'm quilting, tips for better free motion quilting and longarming, live FMF, and more!

Live Chat

I host monthly live chats, where you can ask me questions about anything, though we usually stick to things about quilting. Whether it is the business of longarm quilting, how I approach looking at quilt and decide how to quilt it, or questions about the tools and supplies I use, I answer everything the best I can. If we run out of questions, I'll do a live version of Free Motion Friday!