Writing bio's are the worst. It is much easier to have someone else write it. But sadly, I have no one to write it for me.

My name is Kathleen. I love to sew. Those are basically the things to know about me. After that things get less important. I've sewed for as long as I can remember. My mom would put the foot pedal up on a box so my short little legs could reach it. I used my mom's sewing machine so much that when I got a bib for my doll with some decorative stitches from Santa, I was really really excited because MY MOM had the same sewing machine as Santa.

My parent's opened Quilting From The Heart when I was 11. I worked there through high school, and quilted like crazy. While others my age were out doing... whatever it is that teenagers do... I was at the store sewing away, or, alternatively  at home sewing away. I went to the University of Alberta, where I received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

A year after graduating I moved to England, where I worked at Quilters Haven, in Suffolk. Rocky and I travelled all over Great Britain and Europe. After returning to Canada, I became the manager at The Sewing Center, a fabric store and sewing machine dealership. My parents now own The Sewing Center, while I manage the upstairs, and Rocky fixes sewing machines in the basement.

I started free motion quilting when I was 14, and long arming at 24. I got my first long arm a year later. In April 2015 I began a sponsorship with APQS Canada & Sparrow Studioz during which I have an APQS Lucey to use in my living room! I do all my quilting hand guided, as I do not have a computer on my longarm.

I love sewing, quilting, machine embroidery, and pretty much anything to do with a sewing machine. I will do almost anything to avoid doing anything by hand. When I'm not in front of my sewing machine, I can usually be found snowboarding, reading, or dreaming of what to sew next.