Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday! Exciting stuff, I know.  I'm going out for supper with some friends, which I am pretty excited for. I stopped by the quilt store to get my 20% off, and got two books. My mom and my grandma and I are making a quilt out of old wedding dresses at retreat in November (it's a breast cancer awareness/fundraiser thing, so I have been working, or trying to work, on designing a quilt for that. The box full of 40 pounds of wedding dresses got shipped yesterday though, I really need to get on it. I can see what I want in my head, I'm just not having the best luck moving from there....

I finally finished my lonestar quilt though. I got frustrated with life in general, and didn't work on it at all for a few weeks, then didn't get around to taking a picture for another few weeks, but in the end it turned out awesome.

I took it to the quilt store, and everyone was amazed. I'm just that awesome I guess. They want me to teach it, but I"m not sure that I can really, as I barely made it through making my own. On the other hand though,  I totally know what NOT to do :P

Anyways, later days.