Classes, Websites, and ... um... Oh My!


My class went really well yesterday. Or at least I think it did. Everyone managed to be better when they left then when they go there so yay! They all got super-awesome handouts too, as I spent more time making the handout than I did actually teaching the class. By alot :D But it also means that I have new content for my super-awesome-new-blog. Though, I'm currently trying to minimize my at-home internet use, as Hilary's son is going to be home, and apparently he uses the internet a lot, and if we go over a certain level, then we have to pay extra, which we can't really aford. But, in 3 months, look out for some super awesome blog posts. In a perfect world anyways. Also, if you too want to take some classes from me, I'm doing Introduction to Free Motion on Friday May 18, Quilt Like Kathleen (doodle quilt... I haven't blogged this one yet, but watch for it soon) on Friday June 15, and Quilted Feathers in the morning and Background Fillers in the afternoon on Wednesday June 20. You can find out more about them at

Remember to check out my travel blog at Also, my mom's blog, which I spent the part of Sunday that I wasn't working on my handouts setting up at

More soon (... or in 3 months. June 4 though, watch out!)