Winter Quilting Update


I blame winter for my lack of blogging recently. Snow and cold and clouds have meant that I haven't been able to go outside to take pictures. Plus, I've spent my free days snowboarding and not blogging or quilting. PLUS, it has been super busy at work, so I've been working, then just coming home and sleeping and not doing anything productive. And so, no blogs since October. However, then sun came out today. It was far to cold to go outside to take pictures (-33 Celsius) which is just to cold for picture-taking, and so I took some pictures on the floor of my living room. Which, thanks to my cleaning spree last night, you can actually fit a quilt on today. In general, it has been a good weekend -- after work yesterday we cleaned our house, then I read my book, then I slept for 11 hours... meaning when I woke up this morning I turned on my sewing machine for the first time in 2 weeks.

Anyways, the quilts.

Rainbow Quilt

This quilt was one of my older UFO's. Mom and Dad brought me the fabric back from spring market in 2007, and I worked on it that summer while living in my hobbit-home in Edmonton. I got as far as two of the borders, but the last two borders I only got put on this fall. I love this quilt though. It is a remnant of when I used to design quilts all the time, and turned out really very well I think. I've been working on designing more quilts so, we'll see what happens there.

Rainbow Quilt Qulited

I had the most fun quilting this one. I took Angela Walter's craftsy class on "Dot-To-Dot quilting" and went a bit crazy with this one. I think it turned our rather well. This quilt has minky on the back, so it is super soft and awesome as well.


The Butterfly Quilt


Then, a poor picture of my Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt. The floor in my living room is not big enough to fit this one, so I did the best I could. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out. It was the most fun to make, perhaps the most fun I've ever had making a quilt-- very satisfying, as things kept changing, and looking awesome :D.  I quilted this one for a store sample on the new Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0

Quilting Close Up

I tried both stitch regulated and not, and without rulers... in hind sight, I wish I had tried a little harder on it, the background looks great, but the butterfly itself is not particularly well quilted I don't think.

Supernova Quilt


Then, my supernova quilt! It mainly uses Essex linen, as well as some Architectures and Kate Spain. I'm pretty in love with it. I had forgotten how much I liked it until I took it out for the picture. It was a bit of a pain to make -- I made a few mistakes, which lead to taking forever to fix them, so it was on the design wall for a fairly long while. However, now that it is done, I love it. Particularly the quilting...

Supernova Quilt Quilted


I tried a new feather technique on background, which was a lot of fun, and turned out really well I think.

AccuQuilt Stars Quilt

And last but not least, my Stars Quilt. I got an AccuQuilt Go-Cutter for Christmas. When Mom first got her Go she absolutely loved it, and tried so hard to get me to want one too... but I just didn't. I though they were super lame. But I saw a few quilts using it, and now I absolutely love it! I'm working on a clamshell quilt made using Go! dies at the moment, and it is turning out so well.

Perhaps though, the best part of this quilt is the quilting. The actual piecing definitely leaves something to be desired, but the quilting turned out fairly spectacularly, if I don't say so myself.

Stars Quilt Quilted

It has fleece on the back of it, plus two layers of batting, so it is the warmest loveliest quilt to snuggle with.

Stars Quilt Back

I've got a few more quilts almost ready for pictures.... we'll see when I get time to do that.

Later days!