A Bunch of Quilts.

I've been hard at work on my new machine this week. Or mostly hard at work. Except for Wednesday night when I fell asleep at 7, Thursday night which was my Dad's birthday, Friday night when I fell asleep at 7, and Saturday night when I went to my parents. Or Sunday morning when I slept until noon. But man, Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon/evening, I worked :D. The good news is I might be caught up on sleep now. Today is Monday, which usually means that I'm at home, but with Canada Day tomorrow, Sharon on holiday, and Janice at a funeral so Katie has to work at QFTH... it means that Rocky and I are here, at work, on a Monday, all by ourselves. Which isn't the biggest deal, but I was finally getting used to having 2 days off in a row again. Tomorrow is Canada Day though, and we are having dinner with friends before heading off to the fireworks, so should be a good day. Though likely not productive. As I plan to sleep until noon again :D

Anyways, some quilts.

Dreamin' Color Urban Tiles

This is my Urban Tiles quilt. Which as I was making it, I was really not very fond of. It's grown on me a bit, but still isn't my favorite. It was the first quilt I did on my new machine, and so I did have a lot of fun quilting it. I love this quilting design too, so fun and easy, but still quite striking.

Urban Tiles Quilting Close Up

The next quilt that went on the frame was Dad's Feathered Star, but it had to come off so I could get the TSC banner done for the quilt show last weekend:

TSC Banner

I have to say, it probably looks better in this picture than in real life, though isn't to bad in real life either. As I was quilting it I thought for sure I was ruining it, though now that it is off the fame, I've become a bit happier with it. I printed the panel at Spoonflower, then quilted it at home.

So back to Dad's quilt then...

Feathered Star Quilt

I haven't taken any very good pictures of it, this one is sitting on my couch at home, but you get the idea. I think it turned out fairly well. I particularly love the border. This quilt actually has 3 layers of batting in it, as the new poly batting we have is so thin I decided it needed two layers of it.

And now on the frame is my Sassy Stars quilt, with Jungle Ave fabrics.

Jungle Ave Sassy Stars

I'm having  a lot of fun quilting this one. Of course, after I had started I thought of a million better ways to quilt the black areas, but I'm still happy with what I did. I have noticed I have been quilting everything basically the same recently though. I need to think of some new ideas :D.

Anyways, that's it for me. Back to work!