Free Motion Friday -- Amy's Quilt

FREE MOTION FRIDAY! Happy Friday!!! Ok, well, for me it's Wednesday, as I'll be at a meeting all day Thursday and Friday. But for you, happy Friday.

As I'm busy getting ready for my meeting, and, in general, it has just been one of those weeks, we've got a shorter Free Motion Friday today.

Amy's quilt

Amy says:

Hi Kathleen - I just saw your post about not having a quilt to play with this week so I thought I would send you mine, even though it's not finished yet.  The pattern is double friendship star from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star.

So, here we go...


I just drew on a smaller photo so that we could actually see what is going on, and I'd do the same in each block.

In the white, I've got my current favorite thing, some dot-to-dot quilting filled with ribbon candy. In the green, some back and forth quilting, and in the black some loop-d-loops. Which I am better at quilting than drawing apparently.

This quilt is so intricately pieced, with little negative space or background, so I don't think it needs anything too crazy, so it makes for a quick FMF for me :D

Remember, if you have a quilt you'd like to be a part of Free Motion Friday (oh please please please!) email a photo of your quilt to kathleen(at)

Later days! Kathleen.