Free Motion Friday -- reCollection Quilt

FREE MOTION FRIDAY! Happy Friday Peeps! I hope your Friday has been fantastic! I'm a little late today, because it's been a crazy day! Luckly, I had something mostly ready to go! So here we are!

quilt recollection mock#222


Katarina says:

Hi Kathleen!!!Hope this finds you well;)

I wanted to ask you a question regarding quilting.

As you know, I am a total beginner regarding this issue and I am always afraid when it comes to quilting (as I don’t have a long arm), fearing that I might ruin a quilt, lol.

So, I am sending you my Recollection quilt mock-up with a question-what kind of a quilting would you suggest?

There are some white and some navy pieces, so a lot of contrast.....

Thanks, Katarina

Now, for those of you are not as obsessive as me, Katarina is Katarina Roccella, a designer for Art Gallery Fabrics.  She is seriously one of my most favourite designers. I was part of the blog hop for her Indelible collection, and was pretty excited to get this email. I love her new line "reCollection" SO SO SO SO SO much.

So I came up with a few idea's for her.


This one I just drew straight lines on the quilt going from corner to corner on each piece to accentuate the diamonds. This could all be done with your feed dogs and walking foot, so no free motion skills required. I’d probably recommend marking the straight lines to keep things going straight, though know myself well enough to know that I’d skip that step if I was in a hurry.


Another one without any free motion quilting, this time I made sort of diagonal/zig-zag lines following the zig zag in the piecing. I stitched this in the centre of the rows, meaning that you would definitely have to mark this, unless you have a border guide foot or something that would work with your machine.


his one is a continuation of the first one, with some free motion quilting in every-other diamond and do a free motion fill of some sort — I’d do ribbon candy, mainly because it’s my favourite, but whatever fill or pattern you are comfortable doing.


In this one, I I filed in some of the zig-zags and diamonds with a free motion quilting design— I used ribbon candy in the zig-zags and a back and forth loop in the diamonds, but again, could easily be changed to whatever you are more comfortable with.


similar to the one of the previous quilts, only this time rather than having my straight lines in the centre of the diamonds, I stitched in the ditch, meaning you wouldn’t have to mark this, and it would go a lot faster.

Those were my idea's. And here is Katerina's finished quilt:


I love it so much!

Anyways, that's it for me! Later days! Kathleen.