16th And Balitmore - Eye Candy Quilts


Before we get to my stuff, how awesome is the applique on this quilt? It was seriously impressive. And perfect.



And I had such a good time quilting it :D Which is always a bonus. It was designed, appliqued, and pieced by Anneliese of Eye Candy Quilts.  Plus, it's a pattern they are debuting at market in a couple weeks.


Here's the secret guys. I'm super lazy. (ok, not so much of a secret). Basically I didn't want to have to navigate my background quilting all around those flowers, so

Photo 2015-04-27, 9 10 48 AM

I quilted a circle which I could fill with bubbles in around those flowers, so I didn't have to worry about. I think it ended up looking really cool, despite it being born of lazyness.


I think it worked out rather well actually.

Photo 2015-04-25, 2 06 14 PM

I also really love how the feathers created a secondary design in the quilt. I really wanted the quilting to be a mix of traditional and modern, much like the quilt top, and so the feathers are my ode to the traditional. I think actually, the quilting got a bit more traditional than it was in my head, but such is life.

In a different note, I spent most of the time I was quilting this watching "Grounded For Life" on Netflix, and so now the pictures of this quilt are bringing images of that show into my head.

Photo 2015-04-27, 1 32 20 PMHow cute is this label? Despite the fact I missed it being there at all, and so didn't realize that it was upside down compared to the rest of the quilt until after it was more than half done.

I was also really exited by the fact that I worked crazy hours on this quilt, and my lovely APQS Lucey did not die, complain, get moody, have a conniption... nothing.  Only perfect stitching. Except when I was dumb, which does happen :D

This quilt had a pretty tight deadline, with one more quilt for me to do yet for market, plus my normal job plus Rocky and Dad being away for a week, plus one last ski trip, plus two days of longarm classes with Karlee Porter... the next 12 days or so get a but nuts. Luckily, Rocky worked extra hard the last couple days so I could stay home and get this finished. So I think I'll keep him.

That's it for me! Later days! Kathleen.