Jasmine's Aviatrix Medallion


I was so excited when Jasmine asked me to quilt her Aviatrix Medallion. I quilted my own before I got a longarm at home, meaning I had to quilt mine on moms-- and, using an unfamiliar machine always makes things more difficult, and so I was never particularly happy with how it turned out.  You can see mine HERE.  Jasmine's quilt thought, I got to quilt on my own machine, and I'm just so happy with how it turned out.


I had a hard time getting good pictures, but hopefully you can see all right.


I think my favourite part is the X&+ section. It was also a lot of fun to quilt, which doesn't hurt anything.

P1040473I was also super happy with the centre star. And impressed with how well I managed to make that circle turn out.

P1040465 P1040476 P1040475

And then, what might be my best quilt back yet :D P1040483

Pure solid backs are just the best. I wish every quilt had a solid back. But I don't even back my own quilts with solids most of the time, so that doesn't seem like a fair wish. But I love it :D

Thats it for me! Later days! Kathleen.