Wonderland Fabrics Blog Hop


Hi Guys! I'm in Sweden right now (and it's my birthday!) Today is my turn on the Wonderland fabrics blog hop! These fabrics are by the wonderful Katarina Roccella.


I didn't have time to make a full quilt this time around, so I made this Painted Portrait Blouse, which is an Anna Maria Horner pattern. I've been a bit obsessed with this pattern lately -- I've made it 5 times since I bought the pattern :DP1040507

I love the soft greys! I was going through my closet recently and discovered that a way out-of-proportion of my clothing is grey.  And I normally think of myself as dressing in bright colours, this was a surprise to me :D.

P1040506 P1040509

Some close ups. I have so much love for both of these prints! It's not even funny. P1040503 P1040505

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog hop!

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Later days! Kathleen.