Free Motion Friday - Night Sky Quilt Blocks

Free-Motion-Friday Happy Friday peeps! We're doing things a little different today -- I took step by step pictures of the quilt I'm working on right now! It's a Night Sky Quilt (pattern by Jaybird Quilts)

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 50 34 AM

This is the unquilted block. I have already stitched in the ditch all around the outside of the star.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 50 46 AM

I'm starting here on my block,

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 10 AM

Then travelling through the ditch to this point.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 23 AM

Next, I used a 2.5" circle template to stitch the curve through the point -- trying to go from corner to corner.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 49 AM (1)

Then I echoed this line again with the circle template, and filled the inside with some loops.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 57 AM (1)

I travelled in the ditch to the center,

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 52 13 AM

Then all the way through the center of the star to the opposite point. Then I repeated the design in the point, the same as on the opposite side.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 53 04 AM

Then, I traveled through the ditch up the point of the star,

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 53 20 AM

And over to the next point. Then repeat all these steps until all six points are quilted.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 55 44 AM

Then I travel to the centre of the star.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 55 48 AM (1)

Using the lines on my ruler I aim for 1/2" from the corner of the diamond, stopping 1/2" from both sides of the diamond.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 10 AM

I then follow the edge of the diamond 1/2" away from the piecing line, until I hit the black. I then travel 1/2" down the diamond, and again quilt 1/2" from my last quilting line, until I'm 1/2" from the corner.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 17 AM (1)

Like this :D

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 25 AM (1)

Then back to the center.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 43 AM

Then repeat on the other side of the diamond, and repeat in all six star points.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 59 14 AM

And here is the finished block!

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Later days! Kathleen.

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