Patty's Gravity Quilt

Gravity Quilts are one of my most favourite quilts to quilt. Patty's is the 2nd I've done: P1040787

It was fun trying to figure out how to quilt this one differently than the first one I did.

** Side Note. It was at this point that I realised there was a mistake in the quilting. Can you see it? And so I spent the 45 minutes ripping & fixing. If this had been my own quilt, there is no way I would have ripped it. I'd find it an amusing oops, and show it to everyone who ever took a class from me to say, see, mistakes aren't the end of the world, everyone makes them, who cares? But this isn't my quilt.  So I ripped and fixed. **


The entire center is done with straight lines. So many straight lines.


I wanted the feathered row of medium grey to look sort of like beads going around the star. I'm not sure that's how it worked out, but I still like how it looks.


On both gravity quilts I've done I've ended up not following the diamonds of the corners, but sort of cutting off the corners. I'm not really sure why I am compelled to do this, but I am :D

Anyways, that's it for me! Later days! Kathleen.