Free Motion Friday - Filled Crosshatch

Free-Motion-Friday Happy Friday!! Today, this filled cross hatch design that I am obsessed with this week. Pictures again, because it is way easier to take pictures of what I am doing than try to draw it :D Should have realize that soooo much sooner.


First, a picture of the finished design on the quilt I'm working on right now. Seriously, so great. You can see the design in the background  behind the quilted in star. It looks almost like a basketweave. (Only is way easier :D)


I started by marking a grid on my fabric. I went with a 1 1/2" grid, which I think is a good size for this design.


Then I filled one square with straight matchstick type lines going one direction,


And lines going the other directions in the next square, so I have lines alternating horizontal then vertical in one square then the next. I don't actually stitch on the marked lines (or at least, not specifically on the lines), but just use them as a guide to fill the space inside the lines with lines.

Then, the finished space


I also did this design on the green space of this quilt


It is all I want to quilt at the moment :D

I created a little video about how I stitch out the matchstick quilting using my ruler. You can watch it here:

That's it for me! Later days! Kathleen.


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