Jasmine's Bauble Quilt


img_4937-1 I had the most fun quilting Jasmine's quilt. This is the second quilt I've done for her, and as she's a real-life friend as well, it makes it extra special.


I had the hardest time deciding what to do in this top white part. I wanted it to look like there was a star extending from the piecing into the background (You can see this effect better in the first picture), but I had the hardest time figuring out how to make it show up. I think I spent more time ripping things out the first day of quilting than on any other day of quilting. But I think I got there in the end.


I'm super into crossed lines lately -- rather than a regular echo, having the echo lines cross. Something about it... man, I love it :D I also used a lot of my wave fill on this quilt, peacock swirls, and my flowy fill. It was fun to put all these designs together. Jamine's Aviatrix Medallion quilt was the first quilt I ever did the peacock swirls, so it was extra special to use them on this quilt as well.


I wanted to emphasize the hexagons and stars that the piecing made when looked from further away, and did this by doing a 1/2" echo around the area's I wanted to feature.


More crossed lines in the centre, and some super effective "C's".


Plus, this quilt had the most intense back I've ever seen.

For those wondering, I changed thread colours to match the fabric I was quilting on as often as was reasonable. There were 9 different thread colours used. The batting is one layer of cotton and one layer of wool.


Jasmine and I spent the weekend at a quilting retreat hosted by Quilting from the Heart, where we made these Modern Sampler Quilts. SO MUCH FUN WAS HAD!


Jasmine's lending me her quilts for my BC trip, so if you're attending my trunk shows you'll get to see them!

Later days! Kathleen.