Free Motion Friday - Half Moon Quilt Kit

Happy Friday! Two weeks in a row guys, I'm so on top of things in my life at the moment. My house is currently for sale, and at the moment life seems calm and under control. It's a new thing for me.

So, this week, I thought I'd share a quilt I'm working on, the Half Moon Quilt.

This is the picture I shared - it's a kit available at Quilting From The Heart, so you can make one too!

So here we go!

Here is a picture of the whole quilt. You can see the quilting from the original quilt in this picture, which I quite like as well. But I wanted to do something more fun :D

So I started by adding "borders," with the turned block with the borders turned as well.

In the borders I did piano keys.

Then, I split the rest of the quilt into three sections, and quilted something different in each section.

Then, in the middle section I did a double continuous curve / orange peel, the middle section I used swirls, and the outer section I did concentric squares in each square.

My dad made this quilt, and we both love it! I'm having all sorts of fun quilting it on my mom's longarm at work while she is away.

That's it for me,

Later days! Kathleen.

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