Happily Feather After

Happily Feather After Temp Cover 3.jpg

EEEEEEEEE!!! I’m so excited to announce the release of my new book, Happily Feather After!! It’s all about feathers (surprise!)

The number one thing Kathleen is asked NOT to put on client quilts is Feathers. “They are So Old Fashioned!” she hears all the time. However, feathers are Kathleen’s favourite thing to quilt, and so in this book Kathleen shows how to use feathers in new modern ways! Starting with the basics of how to quilt a feather (and where feathers go bad) Kathleen works through variation after variation on the traditional feather!

Pre-orders are now available!! Yay! You can get it on sale during the pre-order period here and save $2! https://qfth.ca/products/happily-feather-after-kathleen-quilts-qfth-exclusive-releases-november-13th

Or, if you don’t have any of my books yet, save $5 on the set here - https://qfth.ca/products/3-book-bundle

I also feel a need to point out that October 13 (tomorrow) is my 30th Birthday! Woot woot.

Later days,