Where have you been all summer Kathleen?

I feel a bit like I have disappeared lately. Things have been crazy busy since mid-May, I've been away for more than I have been home. I have a wedding this weekend, then things calm down a bit :D



I am the maid of honour in this weekends wedding, and volunteered to make all the bridesmaid dresses... so that has kept me busy. They are close to done, but still some work to do before the weekend :D


When I haven't been working on dresses, I've been quilting Jess, Kat and my Flight Path quilt. This is our collaborative quilt this year (last years being Ice Bubbles). I'm trying to get it done before I go to Australia in September, though progress has not been fast. 

Speaking of Australia... I'll be there in September! I'm once again teaching at the Australian Machine Quilters Festival, which is one of my favourite places to teach. I have a bunch of brand new to Australia classes that I'm so excited to teach!!! So if you want to come to Adelaide in September to hang out with me (and you know you do) you can see my classes here!

Thats it for today! Later days!

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