Kathleen Quilts Academy & What's Going on in Kathleen's Life


Hi everyone! It’s been forever since you’ve heard from me, I know. But I have a great excuse… our family grew by one at the beginning of April! So quilting time has been somewhat limited.

I do however have something super excited to announce…

Kathleen Quilts Academy!!

It will eventually be a whole pile of classes, with me teaching you everything I know. We’re launching though with just one class, The Swirls Intensive. In this class you’ll learn 8 different swirl variations, get individualized feedback from me, and more! I hope you’ll follow the links and head over there to take a look! This class is on sale until June 30, so be sure head over before then! I am super proud of this class, so hope you like it.

Follow this link: http://kathleenquilts.learnworlds.com/course?courseid=swirls-intensive

More soon (maybe. More eventually might be a better statement)

Later days,