Zippidy Do Dah..

Zippy is the name of our GPS. I don't remember why it's Zippy. My sister named it. At any rate I'm in Minneapolis. We drove from Winnipeg to Minneapolis on Monday-Wednesday, stopping at 15 quilt stores in 48 hours. Which was a lot of quilts. We went to some really good ones, and some seriously less-than-good ones. The best one was Back Porch Quilts in Detroit Lakes. You can check them out at

Since being at Market we (My parents and I) have seen some awesome stuff. We went to Schoolhouse, which was a series of about 12 different classes in one day, where I learned some interesting stuff, and in others was bored nearly to tears. Then was sample spree, which is a crazy madness of crazy quilting ladies (they seem docile, but get them near brand new fabric and sale prices, and they go nuts) shopping like the crazy people they truly are. I did manage to avoid being trampled to buy 3 fat quarter packs and some sweet patterns from A Quilters Dream. This is my favorite one of the 12 that I bought

I will make it in much more awesome colours of corse. Kathleen does not do brown :P.
I have found so many patterns I want to make. A bunch from Blue Underground Studios ( Which I loved. I was jumping up and down in their booth, and gushing about how awesome they were. Which I think made them pretty happy. I'm so lame. I also got to meet Valori Wells, which was AWESOME! Though not nessicarly so much. Tomorrow I'm hoping to meet the girl from hopscotch quilts, because she may be the only other quilter in Alberta even close to my age.
I love market so much! Tomorrow I head home though, and will be back in Camrose by late Monday morning. I'm going to a quilting retreat though on Thursday, before starting work next Monday.
Later Days.