Fat Quarterly Linky Party!

Fat Quarterly
So I'm off to London tomorrow for the Fat Quarterly Retreat! So exciting. It will be lovely to meet new quilters!
About me... I'm 23, living in Suffolk, England, though I usually live in Alberta, Canada. I've been in Suffolk since the end of August working at Quilters Haven. I've been quilting since.... as long as I can remember, but been obsessive about it since I was about 15.

The workshops I'm in... I'm in Frame Purses, Embroidery, Designer Challenge and Portholes. I have not yet started packing despite the fact that I am leaving in 23 hours, and in that time have to both sleep and go to work. So I should really be getting on that. My roomate, Teresa, is apparently going packing though, as I have heard she is bringing multiple types of lightbulbs to ensure that she can quilt in adequate lighting in our hotel room. Which I imagine, will also work well for me.

Anyways, I've got packing to do, and need to catch up on some travel blogging on my other blog. So later days, and see you soon!