Swirling Medallion



I've been sewing like a crazy person since returning from QuiltCon. All I want to do with my life is quilt. Which to be fair, isn't that different from normal. I finally finished my swoon quilt, though I don't have pictures yet. I made the swirling medallion quilt in the picture above. It's from the book "Modern Quilting" which I managed to get FOR FREE at QuiltCon. And it is pretty much my new favourite book. I made not one but 2 quilts from it last weekend. Yeah, crazy person. The most fun I had on this quilt though was the quilting!


I was so happy with how it turned out. I tried to use some things that I learned in Angela Walters classes at QuiltCon. -- Dividing the space, and the quilting designs themselves. I was super crazy awesome happy with it.

My friend Erin is having her 2nd baby in October, so I've been working on a baby quilt for her! It's pretty adorable...

Erin's Baby Quilt

I'm just waiting for a replacement part for the P3 at TSC so that I can quilt it on there. I'm pretty excited about it. I feel bad for Allie (Erin's other kid) who did not get this awesome of a quilt.

Later days! Kathleen