Washi Tunic


While I was at QuiltCon, I sat beside Nicole Maroon (http://www.thegirlwhoquilts.com/) who was wearing the Washi Tunic. I had looked at this pattern for a long time, but hadn't got around to buying it. However, hers looked so awesome, and not 10 minutes later I went down to the venders mall and found a print copy of the pattern! It was fate, I had to have it. So the Washi Tunic was I think the first thing I made after I got home from QuiltCon. I spent a lot of time at the show looking for fabric to make it out of, but with so many awesome choices I couldn't decide on just one. So when I got home I decided on some of Michelle D'Amore's Bold and Beautiful. One of my favourite lines of all time. The hard part then was taking pictures, as it is hard to take pictures of myself. So forgive the poor quality photos.

I didn't make too many changes to the pattern-- the top front is lined, which is the only difference. It's cheater lined though, as all I did was keep the top front piece and the top front lining piece together and pretended that they were just one piece. That wasn't quite what I had planned to do, but I forgot what I had done, and before I knew it they had been serged together like that.

This is why I should pay more attention when I sew.

Later days!