I finish a lot of quilts. This week.

I have been finishing quilts like a crazy person recently. It helps that the P3 at work continues to work fantastically, making quilting my quilts SOO much easier. I have been super productive getting some old UFO's finished. And I'm still working on it. The stack just keeps getting smaller though, which I like. Along with that, I also finally got around to figuring out how to use Janome's Quilt Binder Tool last week so that I could demonstrate it to the Get-To-Know-Your-Janome class I taught last week. Mostly I just learned because I wasn't sure that I had enough stuff to show them, but now I am completely hooked. I am never doing binding any other way. I can sew on my binding all in one step. The only thing I have to do is sew my binding strips together. I don't even have to iron the seams. It's amazing. When you are as lazy as me, any short cut is appreciated. On to the pictures.

This was the quilt kit that we won for the Wedding Dress Quilt. I wasn't particularly happy with it when I first started, but now I am a big fan. It turned out so well. It is currently hanging up in my entry.

I tried a bunch of things from my Angela Walter's classes as well as from her books, plus some of my own things.

London Jelly Roll Race

This is the quilt that I made at the Fat Quarterly Retreat last June. Considering I never really expected to finish it, and almost didn't even bring it home with me, I thought it turned out well. Nothing too special, but a fun quilt.

Cool Solids Quilt

This is the quilt that I ended up being happiest with. The solid fabrics with the quilting on it make it almost look like silk. Not when you actually see silk, but enough so that someone in the store today though that it was silk. It has flannel on the back, so it is super warm and cozy. I needed a new couch quilt, and I think this is the winner.

The quilting turned out really well. Some swirls worked better than others-- you can definitely tell where I started and where I finished, but in general totally awesome.

Apparently I am in general, totally awesome today.

I also quilted and bound a quilt that Rocky had made.


Last weekend I quilted a different quilt for Rocky, which I should definitely take a picture of as it turned out awesomely. Though it is black on black so pictures may be a bit of an issue.

Anyways, later days.