Flower Quilt


Yet another finished quilt. I have finished more quilts this month than in the past few years put together. Suddenly I have new quilts all over my house. Plus more on the way. Getting quilts finished (all the way) just makes me want to keep quilting. And I have some non-quilt projects that I have to do for work, so it is beginning to be a bit of an issue. I'm working on a Hoop-Sisters quilt for work, plus really need to get a dress and a shirt done soon. Plus, with summer coming up, it would be nice to have some new dress samples so that I can take the ones I have on mannequins at work home to wear. To many projects :(. Yeah I know, life is awful. Flower Quilt

Anyways, these are some fabrics that mom and dad brought me back from quilt market... 2 years ago I think. I made the blocks at spring retreat that year, and put them together soon after. And now have finally got it quilted. Yikes.

Different Quilting

There are two blocks in the quilt that are quilted differently than the rest of the quilt. I didn't particularly like how my first plan was looking on the quilt, so I switched it up after two. At first I was a bit worried that it was going to be horrendously obvious, but when I went to take the picture, even knowing where the two blocks should be, I had trouble finding the differently quilted blocks. So that was good.

I think that the 2nd way of quilting turned out way better, so I'm glad I changed. Plus, it went faster, which was also a plus.

I don't remember the name of the fabric line, but I know that the pattern is by Blue Underground Studios. I also think that this was the first quilt that I used a solid as a background. Or, well, for sashing I guess would be a better description. How times have changed. Now almost everything I do has a solid background. A few weeks ago I was trying to make a stash quilt, and just couldn't find fabrics in my stash that I liked much. My taste in fabric and in quilts has really changed recently-- for a while almost everything I did was batik's, now they have softened up and I've been going for prints a lot more. Which makes using up my stash a bit difficult....

Anyways, I'm picking up my wedding dress today! Exciting times. Plus, stopping at Ikea and Micheals. What more could I possibly want from a day?

Later days! Kathleen.