Clothes Galore...


Mostly what I have realized is that I'm really not a good blogger. Despite my best efforts, it has been more than 2 weeks -- almost three -- since I posted anything... though now that I think about it, I was gone for a week. So I feel less bad. I spent a week at Pfaff Convention... which was awesome. There are some awesome new machines coming out, and some great aftermarkets... you can check out the blog at if you care about any of this.

As for my sewing projects... things have been a little slow as I have been mostly working... though thinking again... Ok, here we go .

Blocks of Symmetry Dress

This dress was made mostly to show embroidery on something besides a quilt for work. I like the embroidery, but in general I'm not super excited about the dress.

Blocks Of Symmetry

These are the same embroidery designs used again. This one I like a bit more .This same design I am going to make into mug-rugs for Pfaff Club that I'm teaching at work this semester.

This skirt I started making a while ago, but finally finished. I really like it a lot. I'm just waiting for slightly warmer weather to be able to wear it, as I don't have any tights that match it. So here is hoping for spring.

This dress I totally love. It's the 2nd time I've made this pattern, and I totally love it. I did the ruffles different on this dress than the last one -- this time I actually followed the directions. Though I have to say, I liked my way a little better. The ruffles didn't stick out so much.

This is another work project-- using the circle attachment for the Pfaff and Art Gallery Fabrics. It as a super easy quilt to make. I'm going to keep making it bigger-- I'm demoing a bunch in May and June and so I'll keep making circles and make it bigger as time progresses. As much as it was easy to make, it was mostly just sewing in cirlces over and over and over again. Which gets boring fast.

This is the first block of a quilt using the Mirror Ball Dot's that I got at Quilt-Con. It is based on this quilt by Elizabeth Hartman (oh frannson!) I'm pretty excited about it. Though it is not going to even use close to all of my fabric, so another project with this fabric will be on the way...

Anyways, later days!