Two Quilts and a Pillow

I think it is time to face that I have been quilting way to much lately. I am getting married in 4 weeks, but I'd much rather think about what quilt I'm going to make next than make sure everything is ready for my wedding. Quilting is taking over my life. But, in good news, two more quilts finished! At least I'm getting SOMETHING done.

Neon Mania! I love these Micheal Miller fabrics. Though no quilt I make again will seem bright enough. I love all the white spaces in this quilt, and the fairly random quilting. I tried to keep each block the same, and the sashing's have Angela Walter's tiles in them. In general I though it turned out well. I'm not crazy excited about the quilting, but I'm not disappointed either.

Rocky and I stayed late on Friday night. Some couples do cool things on weekends, Rocky and I stay late at work to sew. A bit sad. Rocky made an awesome ring-bearer pillow for our wedding

I finished up the neon quilt, then on to this one that I made a couple months ago:

Colour Blocks Quilt

The quilting in this one I was extra happy with. All that I have wanted to do is feathers and negative space- and this one had both! I also used 2 layers of batting in this one -- on layer of 80/20 cotton/poly batting and one layer of polyester batting to give is some extra fluff. Which worked out really well. I love how the poly makes the quilting pop. In general I hate poly batting, I find that it doesn't give enough stability to the quilt, and tends to flatten over time, but with the layer of cotton it stabilized it, and if it flattens out the cotton will still be there.

Anyways, I'm off to breakfast and Cirque de Soleil tomorrow. So no quilting for me. :( But I'm off work Monday, so lots will be done. Or else a really really long nap. We shall see.

Later days!