Color-Me-Ruption and Sewing Room Tour


I got  my Color Me Ruption quilt finished last week. P1020339


Rocky was nice enough to hold up the quilt for me. :D He's a keeper. I think the quilting turned out good. I would do it different if I was doing it again -- I would do a different design on the green background than on the white -- but I'm still pretty happy with it .

Quilting Close Up

P1020342It was pretty windy while we were taking pictures so they aren't the best pictures. But better than a lot.

I've spend a lot of time over the past week re-organizing my sewing room. It was basically a disaster area, so it's nice to get it back to more usable. It started with me being frustrated by the shelves that I had gotten for organizing my fabric (wire baskets) just not being strong enough to hold the fabric-- they kept falling out of their spots and just basically being a stack of baskets rather than drawers. So I took my childhood dresser from my parents house, which was horribly ugly--

Ugly Dresser

It's beautiful isn't it? Yeah, you can see why I left it at my parents for so long. Anyways, now it looks like this-

Pretty Dresser

It still might be ugly, but at least it's a bit more "Kathleen". I love it actually. It looks a bit 3rd grade art project, but I just don't care.

Anyways-- so then I stacked the boxes that had been under my sewing machine table and cutting table on top of the dresser, and put all that in the closet, along with my bookshelf. I put the shelving that had been in the closet under the cutting counter. I put a design wall up where the bookshelf had been. And suddenly, everything seems more open and organized. I love it. So I am once again happy with my sewing room.

Sewing Machines and computer.

Ironing Board and storage

Cutting Counter


Design wall and thread


It's all very exciting. You can see my Indian Summer quilt on the design wall-- which I just finished up before writing this post. So stay tuned for that. I've been quilting some store samples and some older quilts, so nothing to exciting on that front.

Anyways, later days!