Free Motion Friday -- Sarah's Quilt



I want to start by saying a GREAT BIG thank you to everyone who sent me quilts over the past week to use for Free Motion Friday! I love it! Remember, if you too want to make me super happy, send me a picture of a quilt to play with to kathleen(at)

Today though, we are using Sarah's quilt.


She says:

Second - I attached a photo of my Fox Tails quilt top. This may seem familiar - it was a Craftsy mystery quilt so there are lots of them out there. I finished this up awhile ago but how to quilt it just hasn't hit me yet. I've sketched out quite a few different things, but would love a fresh take on it.

So here we go:


I started by adding some dot-t0-dot along the negative space on the top and bottom,


And then being the indecisive gal that I am, I filled the top with ribbon candy and the bottom with feathers.

feather-1To do the feathers, I started by quilting a curved line in the triangle,


Then filling the feathers in around it.

I started out with the ribbon candy on top and the feathers on the bottom as sort of a "do what you like best" kind of thing... which you can do, but as the design developed, I decided that I liked having them be different.

Next I added some dot-to-dot in the blocks.


When I got all the blocks drawn, I got really excited when I realised they created a secondary zig-zag pattern in the quilt:


So I decided to fill this with feathers and ribbon candy. Again though, if you like one more than the other, you could easily not alternate, but rather just do one or the other the whole way through.



I then went into the blocks, and used more dot to dot along with some more ribbon candy and feathers.



I didn't end up drawing this all out on the quilt, as at that point  my fingers started cramping, and that was that.

I'm pretty in love with this quilting though. I might have to make this quilt just so I can quilt it like this :D

Remember, send me your quilt to play with by emailing kathleen(at)

Until then, later days! Kathleen.