Road Trip Quilt - Safari Moon. Or, the stain from hell.


Safari Stars Road Trip Quilt I was so excited about this quilt. I spent months planning it, the piecing went great, and I was so excited to get started on quilting it.

Which is when disaster struck. I usually mark my quilt with a purple water soluble /air disappearing marker, then mist it with a spray bottle to get out the markings. Only this time I noticed there were still some purple markings. So I sprayed again. And again, and again, because that darn thing just would come out.

Which is when I realized that it wasn't the purple marker not coming out, but rather the red backing bleeding up to the front. And all that spraying just made it worse, and worse, and worse.

And after that, the quilt lost some of it's sparkle for me. I eventually got some synthrapol, and washed it with that and a whole box of colour catchers, and the stains came out (or mostly did), but by then, the quilt had lost it for me.

Plus, then, when ironing the quilt after it came out of the washing machine, the iron spit up all over it, and created a whole new set of stains.

I'll probably end up taking it over to QFTH and get it ironed properly, and then maybe I will fall back in love it. But at the moment, I'm just frustrated and angry. And tired.





Each block is quilted differently, and I really did have a lot of fun doing the quilting.


The border I am particularly proud of, I made a star template to use in random places in the border, spilling over the edge, which I do think looks great.

I do have the pattern written. And it's probably my best yet. It has turned out so well. So once I get the quilt and it's stains under control, then I'll get a better picture and get the pattern out.

Until then,

Later days,