Free Motion Friday - Sue's Quilt

FREE MOTION FRIDAY! Happy Friday Peeps!

quilt This is Sue's Quilt. She says:

I have a quilt that I made for my niece at her request.  Her unit is coming back from Afghanistan the end of the month and she asked me if I would make a quilt with a combat theme.  I love her dearly and we do everything I can to meet her request.  I have the top together and would LOVE to have your ideas on how to quilt this.   It's a large quilt 90 in square with lots of white space (literally) for some awesome quilting ideas.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!

So here we go! The scale is so huge that I'm not sure I got it quite right, but hopefully this works :D

1First I did a line of stitching about 1/2 inch from the piecing making a square and a diamond behind the square.


next, I used lines with fill to create the look of the diamond fitting behind the square. On a quilt this big there would probably be more that two sets, but it got the idea across. There are lots of line ideas on Claire's Rose Star if you need some idea's for how to emphasise these lines.  I'd do this on all 4 points of the diamond.

3Next Up i have echoed around the soldiers, and done a fill in the background -- whatever is your favourite fill. I have also done a fill on the soldiers -- I'm not sure how big they are, but likely they would be too big to leave empty, which would be what I did on a smaller quilt.


More filled lines on the star, again, likely more than 2 rows would be needed.


In the star points I did some dot-to-dot quilting,

6Which I then filled in with my favorite fill.

7Next, some dot-to-dot in the corner squares and in the background around the star.

8I have then done a fill in the background, and I might also fill up the alternate lines in my dot-to-dot with pebbles or ribbon candy, again because of the scale.

9In the border I have ribbon candy in the blue and red borders, and pebbles in the middle. The big thing here is that I don't want them ALL to be the same.

So that's that :D I didn't draw out the whole thing this time... finding enough time has been an issue in my life recently. But hopefully this gets the idea across!

Remember, you can email me a picture of your quilt to kathleen(at) to let me play with your quilt!

Later days! Kathleen.