Free Motion Friday -- Sarah's Quilt (again!)

FREE MOTION FRIDAY! Happy Friday Peeps! Sarah sent me another wonderful quilt this week. Seriously, Sarah is awesome. Every quilt she has ever made I want to reach into Instagram and steal it from her. So I was super excited when she sent me another one!


She says:

Hi Kathleen!

I've attached a quilt I finished up a month or so ago. I've seen Angela Walters' quilting (which I love), but would welcome a different take on it.

Thanks so much and you seriously got madd skillz.


So here we go!


I started by drawing a star on the quilt.


Then some dot to dot quilting in the star points, and some stitch in the ditch around the center hexagon.


Then some more dot-to-dot in those points.


Dot to dot in the center hexagon.


Then I did some curved lines


Which I then filled with ribbon candy on one side.


And some back and forth on the other side.


Then I filled in the rest of the hexagons with the same design I did in the center of the Rose Star.


Which creates a fun secondary pattern. Which I  would finish off the rest of the quilt with, though I didn't draw it all out :D

So that's this weeks quilt! Remember, if you want to let me play with your quilt, email a picture of it to me at kathleen(at)

Later days! Kathleen