Blog Swap with Kerry Foster of Pennydog

DSCF8392This week I am part of a blog swap! I did an interview with Kerry Foster of Pennydog -- you can read it here-- and she has done one with me! So here we go!

How did you come to be a quilter?

I've always been a crafter of sorts but came into quilting

What is it that you love about being a quilter?

I love cutting, I love gluing applique, I love the pride in a finished project too.

What’s the one piece of advice about quilting that all new quilters should know?

FMQ isn't supposed to be perfect, the odd blip blends in and you'll never be able to find it again, so don't stress!


Who’s the quilter(s) that inspire you at the moment?

I try not to take inspiration from others for my own work, but I do really admire Alison Robins (Little Island Quilting) for her attitudes towards the craft. She does what she likes and is extremely generous too.

What quilting challenges would you like to conquer in the next 12 months?

I have a few magazine commissions, and I'm entering three projects into the Quilt and Stitch Village show in April- two of which I've yet to make!

If you weren’t a quilter, what other creative endeavour would you like to master?

I'd love to draw, I can do it quite basically but I need an image to use as reference.


What is your favourite kind of pie?

I actually aren't a fan of too much pastry so a deep filled pie is a must, this week I'll choose a Steak Pukka Pie from the Fish and Chip shop.

What holidays, traditions or religious occasions do you celebrate in your family at this time of year?

Christmas, but on a small scale, I find these sorts of things really stressful and don't like being around too many people.

Do you listen to music, watch television or prefer the hum of the sewing machine when you sew?

I have BBC Radio 2 on religiously, it would have to be something awful for me to switch, but if I do I choose Absolute Radio 90s or 80s.

What are your favourite types of blog posts to read?

I love the debate type ones. So posts about how much quilter's work is worth, quilt judging, supplier ethis, etc are always fascinating.

What’s your favourite colour combination to work with and why?

Honestly I think I use different combinations every time. If I make pictorial quilts though they tend to be of brown animnals so I go through quite a lot of brown and within my circles I am teased for it!


Do you have any quilting goals for 2015, what are they?

I want to be confident at curves and also Y seams. They're my weakest points.

Do you prewash your quilting fabrics?

Nope, ain't nobody (in this house) got time for that! I like the crinkle of the first wash of a quilt anyway. It would have to be a lot of solid red (or black, I have made that mistake) to make me not risk a finished quilt with six colour catchers.

Do you have any favourite tools that you love to use?

Always, always my Sewline glue pen. It's invaluable for needle turn applique!

What are you hoping the festive season will bring for you?

Lots of quiet alone time for sewing!

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