Free Motion... Saturday?


So it's not Friday... you may have noticed.... oops. Oh well. In the midst of crazy self-imposed deadlines yesterday, I completely forgot it was Friday, and I therefore needed to do a FMF post. Today is my Ukrainian Dance group's Malanka (Ukrainian New Years) and I was busy sewing some things for the silent auction. The good news is by 1:30 in the morning, I had 6 awesome placemats and a fantastic apron, but the bad news, completely forgot about the blog... this is why I have to get better at doing the post earlier in the week and setting it to post later.

So this week..

I'll start with some pictures that Tish sent of her Christmas Tree Quilt from a previous FMF post.:close up tree

Tish's Christmas Tree Quilt

She says:

Just wanted to show you that I finished the quilt you helped me with.  Thanks you so much for the idea!  I loved the way it turned out.  I've had this quilt pieced forever (actually I have two more in different fabrics).  When I got to the quilting part all I could do was scratch my head and say, no I don't want to all over stipple it, but what do I do?  Now I have an answer to that question and a finished quilt :)

I think it turned out great!

As for this week... I thought I'd answer some questions that I've been getting a lot of emails about recently:

What program do you use to draw on quilt pictures?

Most of the time on my blog I use Adobe Illustrator on my computer. However, if I'm just working on something at home for myself and want to test out some idea's I use You Doodle or Adobe Line on my iPad.

What batting do you use?

I usually use two layers of batting -- one layer of 80/20 cotton/poly blend (Warm and Natural or similar) and one layer of 100% wool. I spend a lot of time quilting my quilts, and so I want the quilting to show up when I'm finished. Sometimes I will just use one layer of 80/20 if it's a quilt I care less about and am doing a quicker quilting job. I have also used only one layer of wool-- I used it with a minky back on a quilt for my sister for Christmas-- but find it harder to work with this way.

Will you quilt my quilt for me?

Of course! Just send me an email (kathleen(at) and I'd be happy to discuss this with you!

You're the coolest person I've ever imagined. How can I be as cool as you?

Awe, jeez, shucks :D You're too kind. I do have an aura of coolness don't I?

How can my quilt be a part of Free Motion Friday... when it's actually on a Friday?

Ok, I don't actually get a lot of emails asking this, probably because I'm always telling you.... send an email with a picture of a quilt top to kathleen(at)! I love getting your quilt pictures like you would not believe.