Free Motion Friday - Tish's Christmas Quilt

FREE MOTION FRIDAY! Happy Friday peeps. Things have been a bit nutty. My longarm has been down, and then I've been to lazy to get it home being fixed and set back up, and so I've been doing a lot of piecing and less quilting lately.  Which means I'm getting a giant stack of quilts waiting to be quilted... but some awesome ones, I'm telling you. That, combined with no staff at work (want to work in a fabric store? Seriously, let me know) means I've been a bit of a mess recently. But it's almost Christmas! So one thing at a time.

Here we go. You might remember Trish from her fall quilt, which you can see finished here.  She sent me this Christmas tree quilt.3  quiltSo here we go....


I started by by doing continuous curve in the printed areas


And then filled in the space with some loop-d-loops


I then did the same thing in the negative space, making it seem that the tree is continuing on the negative space. I would change my thread colour here to match my background, whereas the tree I would do in a colour to blend into the prints.


I then fill in the continuous curve with the loop-d-loops


I did some continuous curve and loop-d-loops  in the top star,


Then filled the background and borders with this wave design. You can see this design better on this quilt:

Dreamin' Color Urban Tiles

I thought that it made it look like a snow storm in the background of the quilt.  I am however, not good at drawing it out.

So that's Trish's quilt! If you'd like to let me play with your quilt as part of Free Motion Friday, email a picture to kathleen(at)! I cant wait to see your quilt.

Later days,