Free Motion Friday - Sarah's Quilt

FREE MOTION FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Guys, this is the 3rd week in a row I'm ahead of schedule. A pre-written post ready to go for Friday morning. Apparently missing that one week was all I needed to get myself in gear.


When Sarah sent her quilt last week, she sent two quilt pictures. Here's this weeks.

This is a stunning quilt. I love it. More mad Sarah love. However, I didn't want to go to crazy with this one, as there is not a lot of negative space, and the fabric is so gorgeous we don't want to take away from it. So with that in mind.


I spent a long time on the negative space. Did I want to emphasize the curve? Add some echoing to provide space between the piecing? In the end, I decided to simply fill it -- I went with scribbles, because I wasn't good at drawing today, but a back and forth design, or any other reasonably dense fill here. I basically just want to pack it down a bit to make the less densely quilted prints pop.


In the chains I did a simple continuous curve. Again, we want to prints to look awesome.


Then, in the center stars, come curved cross hatching. Even though there are technically no curves in this quilt, I want to emphasize the illusion, and so, curved cross hatch.

That's it for this week! Remember, if you want to be a part of Free Motion Friday, and let me play with your quilt (oh please please please) then send a picture of your quilt to kathleen(at) or tag me on instagram (@kathleenquilts) with #freemotionfriday.

Later days! Kathleen.