Rocky's Greek Gods Quilt


Rocky has been locked in my sewing room for two days, giving me strict instructions that I am not to come in, as he is making me a Valentine's Day present. So when I finished quilting his quilt tonight (the night before Valentine's Day) I decided not to show him until morning. Which for us is a pretty happening Valentine's. Our first Valentine's (this is our 8th! Time flies,) I had two mid-terms the next day in the middle 5 midterms in 3 days, and that has pretty much set the tone for Valentine's since. So here's hoping he doesn't read this until tomorrow. And if he does... Happy Valentine's Day! So, his quilt


It was so much fun to just play on this quilt. I barely thought at all, just went with whatever the machine was doing...



My favorite part though, quilting his name into it


So that's it for me! 5 sleeps till I leave for QuiltCon! A ski trip between now and then too! Life's so tough.

Later days, Kathleen.