Technicolor Galaxy - Month Two


bom-2015-buttonAlyssa of and I have teamed up to provide some extra inspiration for quilting the Technicolor Galaxy quilt! Here we go with block two! Walking-FootFirst up is a walking foot only block.  You'll notice the straight lines in the background are in the middle of the strips rather than the ditch. Here's the deal guys-- stitching in the ditch, and actually staying in the ditch, is pretty much impossible. For me anyway. So, I stitch in the middle of the strip, which creates some extra interest, plus, no one can tell if it isn't completely perfect.


In this block I added some free motion into the straight lines from the previous straight line block.


Next up... I sort of elongated the star point. After I drew on the feathers, I was like "Kathleen, you're doing a lot of feathers here... what if people hate feathers?" and so did ribbon candy where I might have done feathers otherwise.... so do what you like :D


here I tried to re-use some of the shapes I quilted in the center block to create some uniformity throughout the quilt. Plus, Seriously, obsessed with this :D Just sayin'

That's it for me! See you next month! If you missed last month, find it here!

Later days, Kathleen.