Technicolor Galaxy - Month One

bom-2015-button While at QuiltCon I met Alyssa from We had followed each other on Instagram for a while, and it was lovely to meet in person. While we were talking she mentioned that she had thought about sending in her Technicolor Galaxy quilt for Free Motion Friday, but due to time constraints she hadn't.

In my head I was like "Oh no, I wish she had! I love that quilt SOOO much!" because, let's face it, its awesome.


So once I got home, I started thinking. This quilt is a Quilt-As-You-Go Block-of-the-Month, so what we should do is do a Free Motion Friday type post each month so that students working on this quilt can get some ideas. I asked Alyssa, and she thought it would be fun too! So here we go!

We're a bit behind as Month One went out a while ago, but, such is life, I thought I'd do it anyways. That way people starting late or falling behind can get some ideas. Month two will likely be out sometime next week, so watch for that then!

On to Block one!


Rather than the full step by step that I do in my Free Motion Friday, I have drawn up a few different ideas for different skill levels of quilters.

A quick thought before we start though -- if you match your thread to your fabric, everything will look fabulous no matter how badly you think you did.  I know that makes for a lot of thread changes on this quilt, but trust me, it's worth it.


Walking-Foot-1 The first design, all straight lines that can be done with your walking foot. They go in from the outside, and cross over each other in the overlapping circles, to add to the transparency effect.


This one I think could be done with either free motion or your walking foot depending on what you feel more comfortable with. I think this makes the center block look like  a flower.


This is similar to the last one, and again could be done with free motion or your walking foot.


This one is full free motion feather fun. I've been completely obsessed with feathers like this recently, so couldn't resist doing it in this block as well.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

Later days! Kathleen.