Artisan Fabrics Quilts -- Pat Bravo Design

The last couple week's I have been quilting for Pat Bravo. Which for me, was just the most exciting thing. I met Pat for the first time while working at Quilters Haven -- she was doing a lecture for British Quilt shop owners, and Karin took me along because she knew all about my mad love for anything Art Gallery Fabrics. The next day she was at Quilters Haven doing a demo for the quilters there. Then, this year at Quilt Market, she asked if I would quilt two quilts from her Artisan fabric line for her!!!! Which, for real, might be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Certainly the most exciting thing to happen to me professionally.

So, without further ado, the quilts.


First, her "Carved" quilt. I started with this one, as after drawing out designs, this was the one I was most excited about.


However, about one pass in, I had a bit of a... panic attack, and thought the whole thing was terrible, and very nearly ripped the whole thing out. But, after showing the quilt to (many, many, many) people, I was convinced that I was just stressing out because it was PAT BRAVO's quilt. I think somewhere inside me I was feeling a bit panic'd --- "If this quilt isn't perfect, Pat will hate it, she will never want me to quilt for her, no one will ever want me to quilt for them, and I'll go back to quilting in obscurity, never being able to reach any of goals, hopes, or dreams"... and so I freaked out a bit.


In the end I was quite happy with the quilt, and quite glad that I hadn't ripped everything out.


And then, this second quilt.


Which, I'm not going to lie, or try to be humble or modest or anything, this one, right from the top, I knew was awesome. There was no crisis of confidence here.


This flying geese border is right up there with my favourite quilting that I have ever done.

P1040413And, I thought I was super smart-- here, in these quilted in flying geese, the thread used to quilt the geese in and the dot-to-dot inside the geese is with a thread one shade darker than the thread used in the rest of the quilt -- not enough to say "hey, that's a different thread colour" but just enough so that the shape of the geese don't get lost in the other quilting. Again, I won't lie, I really thought I was onto something there :D


When I looked at the drawing's I had made, and saw that I had promised triangles in the border... I almost went back in time to smack some sense into my past self... but when it came to quilting them, they actually were much easier than I had expected :D (And, these triangles will be a part of my "Quilting For the Crazy" class at Sparrow Stuidoz if you want to learn how to do them!)



All in all I just had the most fun with this quilt!

Anyways, that's it for me! You can check out Pat's Artisan fabrics HERE! They are even better in real life!

Later days! Kathleen.