Imprint Fabrics - Prismatic Star


I was so excited when Katarina Roccella asked me if I'd like some of her new Imprint fabrics to play with... because, yes, of course I did. I love these fabrics so much. P1040450I decided to make a Prismatic star quilt, which is a Quiltworx pattern. It was surprisingly quick to put together -- I did it in a weekend where I also went to a wedding and a gift opening & slept a lot. IMG_2658

Apparently a lot of people liked this quilt, as the picture above on the frame, is my most popular Instagram photo by a surprisingly large margin.


You can see a video I took when I was quilting the diamonds on my facebook page.  I had a lot of fun taking it, so I hope you'll watch :D


I had absolutely no idea how to quilt this one when I loaded it on my frame. But I think I came up with a pretty good idea. It would have been a lot easier if I had pieced the quilt better though -- you can see it pretty well in this picture, how far from square that corner is. Which made marking all those 45 degree angles and the box around hard to keep square, as there wasn't really anything to keep it square with.



I wont mention the number of actual holes I found. Clearly I should have spent more time on the piecing. BUT, luckily most of the holes were on the black sashings, so I just took a black permanent market and coloured the batting and fabric underneath, so they don't show, and called it good. I won't be washing this one much :D

P1040440That's it for me! You can check out Katarina's Imprint fabrics HERE.  Now I've got nearly two full days at home to do whatever I want... it's been months since this happened last... I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with myself. But it'll be awesome :D

Later days! Kathleen.