Alyssa of and I have teamed up to provide some extra inspiration for quilting the Technicolor Galaxy quilt! Here we go with block six! Only a little behind schedule :D I'm hoping to get caught up this week though!

So, the block. block

Here we go:


I started by stitching a circle around each of the sections. This is really going to help the orange peels POP! Which I like :D


Then, I simply added a background filler -- I did straight lines on top and swirls on the bottom. I'd probably end up going with one over the whole thing, but I wanted to show the two different ones. I want to make sure this stays fairly dense so that those orange peels POP!


My favorite thing to do when I can't find any hidden shapes in the negative space, is to create my own. So on the second block I drew diagonal lines, echoed them, and then filled the spaces with alternating designs. This is one of my favorite things to do, as seen HERE and HERE.  I'd still want to quilt in that echoed circle that I had on my first block, again, so we get that POP.

That's it for this block. I'm hoping to get block 7 up this week, though no promises.

Later days! Kathleen.